Web app won't run in debugger on Mac

I have done most of my Xojo projects on Windows. Recently I bought an M1 Mac Mini to so I could run two programs that talked to each other, one on the Mac, one on Windows. All was fine at first, then the screen on the Mac would go gray and the only fix was to power it down. Searched the web for the cause and failing GPU seemed to be the consensus. Took the Mac to local Genius Bar. They said GPU tested OK, reinstalled operating system and gave it back. After reinstalling Xojo, I copied the source code for one of the apps in my project to the Mac. The IDE works fine, but trying to run it in the debugger results in compiling OK then while “Launching Application…” appears on the screen a line goes back and forth about six times then the IDE appears blank and nothing happens. I set a breakpoint on the first line of the app.Opening and it never gets there. Deleted Xojo. Downloaded and reinstalled. Same thing. Saved the source code on the Windows machine as XML and copied it over. Still won’t run. Copied back to Windows with a different name and runs fine. Created a new web app on the Mac with only a couple controls on the page and it runs OK even through there is nothing for it to do.

My Bad. Did not realize I had to choose between Intel and ARM. Works OK now.

Change the port from 80 to something like 8080. Ports below 1024 require root permissions on macOS and Linux.