Web App with out port forwarding

Is any way

I have no idea what you’re asking so … maybe :slight_smile:

There’s no where near enough information in your fist post OR the title to have a chance at giving you a useful answer

I have one application that runs on a Windows PC using port 8188
So who i can use it by Internet access from outside using the APPLICATION without opening a port on the router Internet

anyone who is on the same lan as you can reach your machine

anyone outside (like me) will have issues for at least 2 reasons

  1. the router probably blocks most traffic from the outside - so you’d HAVE to forward a port to go from outside to inside and you want to control what port is open and where it can go inside your network (You definitely dont want to forward every port)

  2. your router probably gets an IP address dynamically (meaning it can / could change from day to day) so how they access it will change as well. one time it might be and the next

To fix 1 you could forward a port or put the PC outside your router on its own address
If you forward a port someone will attack it ASAP
If you put the PC outside your router it will also be attacked

To fix #2 you want a static IP address
Things like DynDNS can help here but a static IP is likely preferred


The problem is i have a customer and hi have wifi router from att and is no works ports f.

So hi need to use the app from home