Web App - Unable to connect to port

I am just starting to play with web development and already have a working web app (for catologuing my CD/DVD) collection running on my home server. I have just added a second app in a different directory but when I connect to this I get the following error on the web page -

Application Launched, but unable to connect using port 23314.

Home server is using XAMPP and I can still connect to the first app no problem.

Suggestions welcomed on how to resolve.

Few things.

  • make sure your app IDs are different
  • make sure your listening ports are different
  • make sure that the app stays running when it is launched (you could remote debug to it to check)


As far as I can tell;

app id’s are different
listening ports are set at automatic (under build and both are different as identified in config.cfg in directories )
not too sure about the last one - (goes off to read about remote debugging :slight_smile: )


I built the app using XOJO 2015r3.1 instead and the app works fine. If I build in 2016r1, it doesn’t work. For the time being i’m taking the easy option and building in 2015r3.1.