Web app stuck on start

Hi guys!

today my web application is stuck on the loading screen…

It opens the debugger and I found in Xojo.Core.InvalidArgumentException the following Message

homescreen152.png not found


For some reason, the picture is not where the program expects to find it. If you linked an image from a network drive (not available to the web server), then you will get that kind of error. For a program that used to work on the web server and just suddenly failed, check that the image is still where it should be. In short:

  • verify that the image is available on the web server
  • verify that the image is included in your “copy files” build step
  • verify that the definition of the image in the program looks for it locally, not on some remote location that is not available to the web server.

Beyond that, you will have to debug the application and figure out where exactly the program expects to find the image.

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I’ve tried to insert an image (PNG but with different name) but now I removed it from the webpage and from the right object list. I think this could have caused the problem, but how to resolve?

The image must be the same name as defined in the program. It must also be exactly where you defined it to be in the program. Hence my suggestion of the verification that the image is available (same name, same expected location) I suggest that you go back to the program and check what the image is exactly and what your copy files setting is with regards to images in general and this image in particular.

If you are still in development and this is happening when you run from the IDE, then it is clearly a case that your image is no longer defined the way you expected it. The easiest thing is to delete that image from the images folder and re-create it correctly. (do not delete the source picture! just the image in Xojo)

If you moved folders on your computer, then the program is unable to find the source picture. That will generate the error that you are seeing. In this case, re-create all the images in Xojo tghat link to moved pictures on the computer.