Web App Standalone - Error

Hi All,

I have deployed a fast-cgi web app without problem on the linux server. So, now I’m triying in standalone mode and I can’t get it. The steps for this task is as follow:

01-Compilation settings:
Web->Debug port:17274; Compilation port: 9000; Type: standalone

02-App folder:

  • The folder “app Libs” and file “App application” have been copied on the server in binary mode assigning the permissions 0755 for all files.

03-Folder’s place
that contain one folder “app Libs” and one file “App application”

04-URL Standalone

Finally, any data is shown. If cgi is executed successfully (Hostgator shared hosting server), why standalone don’t work…?

Anyone can help me informing what I’m doing bad or how is the correct way to call the web app in standalone mode …?

Thank’s in advance for your suggestions.

That’s not quite how stand-alone works. First you typically will want to upload it outside your apache server tree. Second, you’ll need to launch the app. In app.Open, be sure to call app.Daemonize to turn it into a background process. Then launch from an ssh Terminal connection to your server:

./myfolderapp --port=9000
Finally, connect with:


If you’re lucky, you won’t have to fiddle with firewalls and stuff.

Hi Brad,

Thank you so much for your support. Certainly I had pending two steps (app.Open and app. Daemonize). I will be implementing the rest of the process according to your suggestion with the firewalls.