Web App & SQLITE : important bug

Hi all,

It’s been almost two years since I reported an important bug concerning SQLITE with the web framework.

Its description is here:

(Xojo: Account Login)>]<https://xojo.com/issue/42544>

I think this is an important bug, because it’s vicious: customers and developers can waste a lot of time discovering where the sudden slowdowns or app freezes could come from, if they don’t know this bug.

The solution was given by Mr. Hipp, the creator of SQLITE. This is a timeout that is not currently handled by Xojo apparently.

It’s really disappointing that an important bug, confirmed and verified by xojo team, whose solution was given, and which doesn’t seem to be complicated to fix (Christian put it in place immediately on its SQL plugin), is still not fixed two years later.

Please, if you develop xojo web apps and sometimes use SQLITE, please consider adding your vote to the Feedback:

(Xojo: Account Login)>]<https://xojo.com/issue/42544>

Ho gosh,

Now I can link to the various reasons where my app goes nuts, really XOJO ? come on, I hate when you starting like apple does with their apps, but in that case it`s upside down, Apple checks the best apps and embeds the functionality in their own but here it seems to be upside down , you mess things so others can have better plugins.

I put it as my top cases to be fixed.