Web App Sometimes Run Too Slow

My web app sometimes runs too slow and I have been unable to find out why. The only thing I can think to do is break up the app into a bunch of smaller apps. The app was running on the best Windows server we could buy at the time (in 2015). The components that seem to be the main source of the problem are WebCanvas and WebSegmentedControl. The navigation is flexible but when navigating to all pages that have WebSegmentedControls on them (which also have a lot of pre-downloaded images) I can get it to slow down dramatically every time. The problem with WebCanvas seems intermittent.

The app was developed with version 2015 Release 1. I was thinking of upgrading to the current version (2017 Release 3) but after reading another post I thought perhaps I should check here first. I know this is a tough question to answer, but if anyone has any thoughts about which version would provide optimal performance for web apps running on a Windows server I would appreciate it. Feel free to ask me for more details about my web app.

I plan to read all the posts on the forum about web apps running too slow but right now my main question is about which version to use.

WebCanvas with complex drawings can take a lot of time.

A while ago there was a post about that, and while the WebCanvas took seconds, it took milliseconds to draw the same on a picture.

About the WebSegmentedControl, it should be possible to replace it by a custom control based on styled regular buttons in a WebContainer. Just an idea.

One thing that seemed to help was rebooting the server once a week. I wish that wasn’t necessary but it seems to be.

If rebooting solves things, perhaps you must consider Linux for the server.

How is your app deployed on your server, Stand-alone or CGI? If you’re running stand-alone you could use remote debugging to test a build with the latest release of Xojo (try before you buy). 2018R1 is due out soonish and is targeted to support 64bit debugging which may also help.

That is the answer I was looking for Wayne. Thanks. The app is deployed as stand-alone on port 8080.

Should I try Server Ranger 2? Does Server Ranger 2 replace or complement remote debugging for stand-alone web apps?

Is there a tutorial with tips to optimize speed of web apps? Better yet, it would be cool if we had a build setting or a separate utility program that assisted in optimization. I have learned a lot (thanks in part to this forum) but I don’t, and probably never will, know enough.

Are you using SSL? If you are I would suggest using IIS as a reverse proxy and off-loading the SSL to IIS. See http://developer.xojo.com/iis-deployment.

We were not using SSL before but we might have to in future. I have bookmarked your link. Thanks again.