Web App Segfault / Crash

Hy there im having a problem with my web application,2014R3.1 it crashes after a while on my linux box, running 12.04 with a segmentation fault.
i tried to find this bug in a debug run but it is more a random circumstance when the crash happens, any way i created a selenium test szenario where i can test my app in an endless loop. after a while i get the crash. Now i got the crashreporter file on my mac. how could i trace this bug or how could someone from xojo please give some advice. should i file a bug with the crash report and mark it as private ?

Can you post the crash report? :slight_smile:

Wow that was fast. You will find the File here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16164781/Vertreterportal.debug_2015-01-09-123429_Christians-MacBook-Pro-2.crash

All i see in the crashfile is a crash in thread 3 in sessionshutdownthread can anybody give me some advice how to trace this. im sur this must be my problem but how to avoid it.

do you have session / app UnhandledException handlers in place that log something to stdout or a text file? maybe there is an exception thrown right before such a crash. Do you have something in place that records the output of the application to stdout / stderr ? I’m aware of at least one such scenario which hits us every few days but cannot be reproduced (and thus fixed) by Xojo.

Segfaults are usually not from exceptions. I’m betting this is either a memory issue or that the system is terminating the app for some other reason

I see. The regular problems we encounter don’t produce a OS crash report, I had bad remembering.

But what to do about messages like the following on the console?

Runtime Error
Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
Universal/REALstring.cpp: 134
Failure Condition: usageCount
Runtime Error
Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
Common/ClassLib/RuntimeThread.cpp: 1468
Failure Condition: pthread_equal( current, sCurrentThread->mThreadID )

in the crash log a mysql query is running on one thread.

How about the ShutDownThread killing a session where still some code is running?
Is that possible?