Web App reload

Maybe someone had run into this problem. I am trying to run a web app on a Samsung tablet. When it gets to the login page and I click on the user name, the onscreen keyboard comes up but then the app automatically goes back to the first page (home screen). I had put me.ConfirmDisconnectMessage = “Are You Sure” on the session open event but I don’t get the message when this happens. If I hit on refresh, the message does come up but not when the onscreen keyboard comes up.

I just tried it on a surface pro with the keyboard removed and same problem. As soon as the onscreen keyboard comes up, it goes back to the main page (and the keyboard disappears)

Can you reproduce this behavior in a sample project and then share the project?

I can’t get it to duplicate but here is the project


I even called up a new page (webpage5 instead of webpage2) to see if it had to do with the containers.

To get to the page to log in, click on the icon
on the bottom of the main page.

In general, if you can’t get it to duplicate in a simpler project, it means it has something to do with what you’ve created. You can try submitting that whole project onto a ticket, but you might want to try and identify what makes your project different from a smaller sample project. You might find clues to what’s causing the behavior.

ok, I will try to find what’s causing it.