Web app R-Only Field

On Windows explorer and Firefox, if I put my cursor on a read-only field by mistake and I hit the backspace key, the app crashes. We made the same test on Safari and it works. Is there a way to solve it.


What version of IE or Firefox? What version of Windows? What is the error?

In a quick test on Windows 8.1 with IE 11, I do not get a crash when I click in a read-only TextField and then press backspace. Instead, the “Back” button function on the toolbar is invoke and the previous (non Xojo web app) page is displayed.

If you want to prevent that, you can set WebSession.ConfirmMessage to prompt when the user tries to leave the web app:

Me.ConfirmMessage = "Are you sure you wish to exit the app?"

Hi Paul,
I have applied your suggestion and it worked fine. By the way, I am on Windows 7 and the version of Internet Explorer is 11.

Thanks a lot.