Web App Port Problem

I have five WE apps created in RB2012r2.1 deployed to a local network test server (OSX Server on OS X 10.8.5), and on a “live” server (same type of equipment) at my ISPs shop.

The apps are compiled with a static port assigned in the config.cfg file (19741 through 19745). One of the apps will invariably tell me that it is “Unable to launch application ‘MiniStorageWeb’ on port 19744” or whatever the app name is and whatever port is assigned to it. The trouble is I never know which app or which port. I have also tried configuring them all with random ports, but get the same problem.

On Chrome, I try to open all of them in tabs. One will always choke. If i modify the .cfg file and give it another port, it will work fine, but one of the others will choke. It acts the same way on the live server as the test server. It doesn’t make any difference if the Firewall is on or off. And I don’t have any antivirus on either Mac. All of the applications are “allowed” under the Mac Firewall options.

I’m a bit baffled. Has anyone else seen this, or have a solution?

Have you assigned different app identifiers?

That was quick. Thanks. I checked, and a couple had identifiers and the others had the same default identifier. I’ve changed them to unique and I bet that solves the problem after I recompile them. Thanks again.

Worked like a charm.