Web App or Console App for API

I feel like I’m creating a lot of posts, but I just have some questions and they are all over the place sometimes.

With respect to Xojo only… I am creating an API for an application that I’m building. Desktop application and the API. I’m wanting to build all of this in Xojo.

With respect to the title of this message. Do you think it would be better to create the API using the Web App inside of Xojo and using the HandleURL and such, or would it maybe be better to do a console app/service application that reads in a request via JSON and responds via JSON. The web app reads the data as a form post, then responds via json back to the desktop app. The desktop app reads the json and continues doing it’s thing accordingly. After playing a bit with console apps to build a service application, just wondering which would be the best way to do this.

The web app api i have created so far has been done with as a web app. The desktop apps will be uploading files, so thats why i chose web app for the file uploads, but how easy is it to do that in a console app?

Thoughts on everything?

I would use a web app. Most of the work is done for you.

You can use xojo web. It’s documenter and probably good enough.

If you want to have more flexibility like source code, websockets, keep alive etc you can try

It’s a Xojo http web server with many flexible features.


This looks very interesting. I see some functions in there that I like for doing some things i am going to be doing in the future… like RowSetToJSONItem function…

I’m going to check this out in more detail. Thanks for this!

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