Web App On Xojo Cloud Cycles between Offline and Launching - never starts

Works fine on my computer in IDE.
Another app I have on xojo.cloud works fine.

This one doesn’t get past the “launching” screen - keeps going offline, then tries to launch, repeatedly.

Any insights?

Do you have code in app.UnhandledException to log any crashes?

No - I’ll do that to see if that helps learn what’s going on.

OK - here’s what I found.

The first statements I execute in my program are this:

Dim usersDirectory As xojo.io.FolderItem usersDirectory = SpecialFolder.Documents

That fails.

When I change this to:

Dim usersDirectory As FolderItem usersDirectory = SpecialFolder.Documents

It works.

Conclusion: The ‘new’ xojo.io framework doesn’t work for xojo.cloud?!

Is this true?

Xojocloud is Web 1.0 which means no API2

xojo.io.folderitem isnt API 2 though