Web App on my web site

i upload my Web app using linux cgi and no work by this support msg from the web hosting

Use of uninitialized value $ENV{“REQUEST_METHOD”} in string eq at webone.cgi li$
Can’t use an undefined value as a symbol reference at webone.cgi

Are you trying to run your app on a shared hosting service?
That is, not a VPS, PS?

Some hosting providers forbid the use of CGI-apps. Maybe that could be the case here?


so what type of service i need on hosting providers for run web app

At the minimum, you need a VPS (virtual private server).

Or use the Xojo Cloud. Or contact me privately for another solution.

There’s also 1701. http://1701software.com/webhosting.php
We use a regular Linux VPS.

i found this at best price http://vpsdime.com for $7.00 month
with this shut works.

My app is very small

hi Albin

what is forbid

Thanks to all help

I have my Web App Up

[quote=144346:@Alexis Colon Lugo]hi Albin

what is forbid[/quote]
Keep from happening or make impossible :slight_smile: