Web App on Mac App Store?

Is it possible to sell Xojo Web Apps from the Mac App Store?

Not in raw form. It seems that lately, Apple has decided to reject wrapped web sites.

You have to provide a significant value in the form of a native app.

That said, there are many apps around that depend a lot on the web. My own app in there could not work without a web service.

Do you mean an app that hits a website or a Xojo Web App? I’m interested in offering a Xojo Web App on the store.

I cannot image that Apple would allow a web app as is. Perhaps if you bundled a standalone web app within a desktop app and launched it when the desktop app starts? But even that may run afoul of Apple rules.

Thanks Paul.

If I create a Mac Desktop App and bundle the Web App would the Xojo Signing process also sign the Web App?

If its a standalone web app that is suitably signed it would seem that it would pass apples rules
But, submitting it is really the only way to know for sure

Thank you Norman. I’ll have to try it like you said. I was hoping someone already tried it.