Web App - Multiple Web Pages

I’m new to Xojo Web and I’m trying to create a site with two pages, a user page and an admin page. I’ve created both of the pages under one project and I have the project set to start on the user page. So for example, “http://www.mypage.com” will bring up the user page. I want someone to be able to type in “http://www.mypage.com/Admin” and bring up the admin page. Is that possible? I can’t find in the App properties where I can link a specific URL path to a page.

Right now I’m using the built-in Xojo server but my intention is to eventually use FastCGI with Linux.


Use HashTags to allow users to specifically request a page.

Take a look at these examples included with Xojo:


You can’t. The best you can do with built-in Xojo is to use HashTags. Page Not Found — Xojo documentation