Web App multi- column text

How can I put a multi-column block of text on a web page? I can’t find a control that handles this. The text should not need modifying and will be static.

My first thought was to create a table and painstakingly type in all the necessary line breaks manually but I read in the documentation that two lines of text is the maximum in a Web table.

At the moment I’m thinking of using an app like Pages to enter the text in multi column format across the required width then export the page as a jpeg and display it in a Web Image Viewer.

Is there a less convoluted method?

most modern browsers support this now so you should be able to apply some custom css to a control. My suggestion would be to use a subclass of WebHTMLViewer and do something like this:


I’ve only defined ColumnWidth and ColumnCount (which are mutually exclusive) but according to this page, there are other css options as well.


Good example, thanks.

I had to add + "px" to this line:

styles.Add "column-width: " + mColumnWidth.ToString

Thx. I’ll update the file.

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Thanks for the info. It’s getting late in the UK so will get back when I’ve had a chance to think about it tomorrow.