Web APP install on Windows

Who knows the secret to installing a web APP on a Windows platform.
I’ve not been successful with IIS or as a windows service.
Each has its own set of errors and issues.
Way too many hours of trial and error here!

It would be helpful to have a sample site “hello there” and an install example, but that does not exist.
I have AdvancedInstaller which I’ve used to install ASP sites very nicely. Or, I could install as a Windows service which when I followed the instructions I got a SUCCESS, but have yet to get the site to respond when testing.

Who has such knowledge?
Any help?

Thanks so very much!

Wayne did a good little video on all this a while back, let me/us know if you get stuck.


run cmd.exe as administrator and then run your version of this
the spaces are important i think. i create a batch file usually.

sc create myXojoService type= own start= auto binpath= c:\\Xojo\\web\\MyXojoService.exe net start myXojoService

thank you both - I will pursue your suggestions