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Deployment of Xojo web apps can sometimes be hard. Other times it’s a piece of cake. Per another forum thread, I’d like to keep track of web hosts that are known to work with Xojo web apps. Please add your own experiences.

Xojo Cloud (the grand daddy of them all)

http://www.1701software.com (Xojo experts/consultants)

http://www.myhosting.com VPS (with Debian Linux needed to install 32 bit libraries)


This (eventually) needs to be done, organized, and maintained in an independent spot. There is a lot of noise to sort through, and a landscape that continually changes. Beginning of my thoughts are here:


For the IIS and Windblows fans

123reg Windows/Linux VPS

[quote=86516:@Lee Page]For the IIS and Windblows fans

123reg Windows/Linux VPS[/quote]

:frowning: made me feel kinda unwell

I’ve deployed WE apps on two different services from iPeer Hosting.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Type A: http://cdn.ipeerhosting.com/linux-vps.php
OS: Ubuntu 64-bit.
32bit libs needs to be installed.
Firewall controlled by you through SSH.
Cost: 169 SEK/month (~€ 18/month)

ECS (Elastic Cloud Server): http://cdn.ipeerhosting.com/elastic-cloud-server.php
OS: Your choice. Different flavors of Linux or Windows.
I chose Linux Ubuntu 12.04.
32bit libs needs to be installed.
Easy to manage firewall through the Control Panel.
Change hadrware configuration on the fly.
Cost: Per hour depending on your current configuration. Don’t have to be expensive. No contract period.

Edit: On the ECS you can install a 32-bit Linux if you want.

The way I see it there are three types of customers.

  1. Those who do not want to deal with Linux, servers, SSH, SSL, or any of that stuff. They just want to build and deploy their apps.

  2. Those who can and want to control every aspect of their production/development environment and have the skills or capacity to learn to do so.

  3. Those who enjoy the concepts and like thinking about various deployment strategies but do not actually want to do it.

The first step is identifying what kind of user you are and then asking questions. By now there are multiple customers of every noted service targeting Xojo or otherwise and so it should not be hard to find recommendations.

Presumably XC - The brainchild of somebody whom was not thinking straight.
Even that is not working…

I may be wrong but I really don’t see “Xojo (rackspace) Cloud” being a success. :frowning:

[quote=86530:@Lee Page]Presumably XC - The brainchild of somebody whom was not thinking straight.
Even that is not working…

I may be wrong but I really don’t see “Xojo (rackspace) Cloud” being a success. :([/quote]

You would do us all a great service and opt out of the Xojo cloud on your own without constantly reminding us.

Phillip Zedalis - Are you affiliated with Xojo in anyway.? Just seems a little conspicuous that your hosting services I would say are “conflicting with XC”.

I am a happy and profitable user of Xojo.

We are in the next few days for 1701software.com :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work

When it comes to web app security - you get what you pay for.


[quote=86542:@Jason Parsley]When it comes to web app security - you get what you pay for.

A few disconnects here:

  1. A good half or more of the security space XC purports to address is Apache related. Stand-alone obviously has its own set of security issues, but they’re not those issues, and there aren’t 20M people looking to exploit them as yet.
  2. Extensive security is not necessary for a good chunk of WE app hosting activity. Prototypes, development with non-live data, small personal and club apps, etc.
  3. There are mission critical features that some current apps need now that XC doesn’t currently support. PostgreSQL, MySQL, connect to existing database server hosted elsewhere, API for spinning up instances from images, etc. There’s no option to trade these for however wonderful XC security is.

I see y’alls working to not be part of a commodity equation, but that is the equation for a big chunk of your customers. Price and flexibility may trump purported security advantages.

Colo your own mac macminicolo.net

I’m hosted at ovh.com (soyoustart.com actually), latest Gentoo 64-bit, nothing else need to be installed, but I’m using standalone WebApplications.

We’re using 1701 - zero problems.

If your data is not valuable, sure. Otherwise, no. If you ever get hacked, any money you save going with a less secure hosting service will never been recovered.

Ditto here for 1701…no problems, very happy