Web app Hangs in 2.1 2017

I have a web app that just displays a record and the user can edit it. It hangs on the Launching message. It runs fine in 2017 Ver 1.

Any idea on how I can see whats going on?


Run in the debugger?

I did after the session open it hangs. It doesn’t seem to be hanging on any one particular statement. That’s why I’m stumped.

I have a breakpoint in my Page’s Shown Event. It never gets there.

It sounds to me that you’re getting some sort of JavaScript error. You’ll have to run your app and then open the developer tools of the browser to check that.

Why would it work in 2017 1 and not in 2.1?

It could be that we introduced a subtle bug in the framework or that we fixed a bug that your app relies on or something else entirely…

If your app is available on the web, you could send me a link via private message and I can take a quick peek.

@Greg O’Lone OK I’ll let you know.

@Greg O’Lone

I sent you the link didn’t I

@Greg O’Lone

This is still a problem in 2.1 where it hangs on launch. Works in 1.1? Maybe I should try the current beta?

@Greg O’Lone @Paul Lefebvre

OK Guys this is getting serious. This app runs fine in 2017 1.1 and all previous versions. I was waiting to a new version came out and now I have tried it on 2017 3.

I think this needs to be escalated as it appears no one is taking this seriously. This app has been running for 3+ years and it is a very important to our society.

Please I need to solve this.

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And you’ve filed a bug report with a reproducible sample app or your app ?
We cant do much without that

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