Web App frozen instead of a warning message or an automatic restart.

Hi all,

On a tablet or my computer, if I leave my web app open in the browser and turn the device off, then wake the device several hours later for example, my web app will still be displayed in the browser, but “frozen”. So you have to restart it, it’s normal, but I remember that at one time, a message appeared on the screen I think indicating that the web application had left and that it had to be restarted, it was much cleaner. Does anyone have this problem too? Or did I make a wrong adjustment somewhere?

In contrast, if it’s only an internet break, it’s clean: a message warns the user, and the application restarts as soon as the internet is available.

Thank you


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I just checked with Eddie Electronic’s web app, it’s the same thing.

I suppose that when the computer goes into sleep mode, the javascript timers can no longer work. When the computer is woken up, the web application appears frozen or not working normally.

Even if the timers are stopped during sleep mode: when the user wakes up his computer, and clicks on a button of the web application, this action should restart the javascript code and the application should restart automatically since it no longer has an active session?

Isn’t that a regression? I had the impression that this was the case at one time.

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No expert in this but when you do what you describe the web session you were originally in has closed. The app may be on the screen on your browser bit it is not live. Clicking controls won’t do anything you need to refresh the page and Iin effect 'reconnect to a new session. Using cookies to save states and restarting where you left office may be an option but you still have to reconnect and relaunch.

Of course, but when the client clicks on a button: the javascript framework (in the client browser) sees that there is no longer a valid session with the server, the famework could at least display a warning, and better, restart the page (so the web app).

Why ? There is no longer a valid session, okay. The timers in the browser are probably stopped too, okay. But if the user performs an action (such as clicking a button), an event is triggered in the browser. In this event, the framework (browser side) could restart the application if there is no longer a valid session, or at least display a message (as in the case where there is no more internet connection).

@olivier vidal - I see no mention of what version of Xojo you are running. I ask this because over the years, we have addressed several of these types of issues.

Thank you @Greg O’Lone The 2018R2, and I also tried it with http://demos.xojo.com/EEWeb/

Feedback: <https://xojo.com/issue/53291>

In offices, users sometimes forget that their computer has gone to sleep (lunch break, meeting, appointment…). When they come back to work, they use their email manager, desktop applications, etc. And later, when they want to use the web app and they see that it is frozen, they think that this app is unreliable and that it is buggy… Having completely forgotten that an hour before, the computer was in standby.

But they are right: a message should warn them (as was the case in a previous version) or the application should restart automatically as soon as they click on the application (the framework in the browser should react).

Please, if you have a web app, consider putting your points on this Feedback, it is a problem that does not give a good image of the product, because customers see it every day.


The problem also occurs every time you update the web app. On the client side, no information messages, the web app is frozen. The user complains that his application is still “buggy” because he doesn’t know what’s happening.

Please, Xojo Team, fix this regression.

Please, Xojo users, consider adding your points to the Feedback: <https://xojo.com/issue/53291>

Please, Xojo Team, reconsider the priority of correcting this regression which affects all web applications produced by Xojo!

<https://xojo.com/issue/53291> This bug is confirmed and is one of your customers’ priority bugs (rank 25 on Feedback).