Web app for mobile devices

Hi, I am creating a web application for medical students to see their rotational schedules.

The application looks and behaves differently on iOS, Android, and desktop devices. Searching this forum, I found discussions whose consensus was that XOJO is not suitable for developing adaptive/responsive web application.

So, what are the best practices for web app development to be used on both desktop and handheld devices?

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You can design an application that will satisfy both phones and desktop computers, but that will require designing webpages for each category.

In my experience, apart from minor differences, iOS and Android clients behave the same.

I would design an app that will upon arrival of a new client session, show desktop webpages to a computer, and show mobile webpages to phones. It is not terribly complicated to do.


Use the above to determine what WebPage to use for each type of device.

[quote=444919:@Ralph Alvy]https://documentation.xojo.com/api/web/websession.html#websession-platform

Use the above to determine what WebPage to use for each type of device.[/quote]
Which is, by all web standards, the wrong way to pretend to be responsive.

While it is a workaround, it is a lot of extra work…around. The point behind responsive design is that developers shouldn’t need to create a view/screen for each individual device.

Its what you have today …
maybe web 2.0 will change that somewhat

The questions are: what ? and when ? . Better deal with what we currently have. Since everything else is uncertain.