Web App Examples: Framework Foundation Error

I am about to embark on a development journey and am really in two worlds about how to develop it.

I don’t know whether to do it as a standalone app or a web app. It will be a part of a much bigger project and involve much communication between the elements. for this reason I’ve been thinking a web app, so I thought I would quickly check out some of the examples, but none of them are working. I get an error when I run any of them:

Linking Executable ld: framework not found foundation

I note that Xojo Cloud is what is selected as the build target and I won’t be using that, I want to develop something self hosted. Is the web app side of things restricted to Xojo Cloud?

I’ve tried this on Mac OSX.

I am still running the unlicensed version (mostly because I just haven’t committed to whether I want just desktop or the whole package. I thought I’d be able to test web apps like I could test desktop within the debug/unlicensed system.

I am prepared to buy the desktop licenses, and can do so if that is a requirement to evaluate the web app side, but thought I would just ask.

I fully expected they would just work out of the gate (especially given the Web Tutorial — Xojo documentation tutorial didn’t mention anywhere licenses were required.

I also followed the quick tutorial Web QuickStart — Xojo documentation and it also has the same error. I followed the tutorial to the letter :slight_smile:

So I’ve determined it’s something with the OSX implementation. I just tried it on my linux box and I was able to create the Youtube player example.

So anyone have any ideas why it wouldn’t be working in/on OSX?

Which version of Xojo and which version of macOS? You should be able to run everything in the debugger. Right now isn’t a good time to start a new web project.

Yeah, I kinda do suspect that, I know things are changing pretty big time by the sounds of it, but I thought I’d just give a proof of concept idea a bit of a go. But struggled getting out of the gate :slight_smile:

Xojo 2019 r3.1 and 10.14.6

No. Technically you can put your apps wherever, but there are limitations depending on provider/hosting plan. For best results, you’ll want to use a virtual private server.

That said, if you’ve never managed a server yourself, we do everything in Xojo Cloud. Backups, security and system maintenance. All you need to do is deploy. :slight_smile:

[quote=496079:@Dave Matthews]Linking Executable
ld: framework not found foundation[/quote]
You shouldn’t get this if you’re running on macOS, so I’d suggest a reboot to see if it’s just time :slight_smile:

If you are not running on macOS, this can be caused by a macOS declare that’s not protected behind

#if TargetMacOS

For the life of me I can’t think of any web examples that would contain such a declare though.

Hello Beatrix Beatrix Willius

When you mention: “Right now isn’t a good time to start a new web project.”

I would like to know your opinion about this issue.

[quote=496549:@Jose Fernandez del Valle]Hello Beatrix Beatrix Willius
When you mention: “Right now isn’t a good time to start a new web project.”
I would like to know your opinion about this issue.[/quote]
Since you’re a member of Testers simply log in to the forums & go to https://forum.xojo.com/conversations/testers
Its well known that a new version of Xojo with a whole new Web framework is being tested right now