Web App deployment to MacMini using new OSX Server??

I have a Web App and several conventional websites deployed on an old Mac Mini using OSX Server 10.5, which is about to give up the ghost. I have a much more powerful, higher capacity Mac Mini with Mountain Lion 10.8.4 as the operating system( 8 GB, 500 GB HD). I’m thinking of downloading the newest OSX Server software (the $20 thing) and using it as a replacement server for the almost dead one. Has anyone tried this? Should it work? If it will, does it handle virtual domains? It needs to handle about 10 different domain names, a few of which will be Web Edition Apps. Any opinions, configuration instructions, or gotchas appreciated.

I haven’t, but I’m really interested in hearing your post-mortem once you try it.

I have. No problems whatsoever. But I don`t use virtual domains.

Did you put the WE App stuff in the cgi-bin and documents folders of the webserver just as previously? I didn’t find anything in the server interface to address the cgi and cfg files.

Mmm… I have another website running in the web root. But just plain HTML…

On one of my macmini servers, I have stand alone WE apps running on non standard ports and it works fine. I don’t do cgi apps so I don’t know if the apache can handle them or not.

I run most of my WE apps on a Mac mini. I put the apps into a sub-folder or sub-sub-folder and they work fine.

David -
I’ve finally had time to learn to use the current OSX Server with a relatively new Mac Mini. I’ve managed to get all of the traditional Virtual Domains configured and running properly.

I have one RB Web App that needs to run in a virtual domain, but I find no instructions on how to deploy it. It’s running on an OLD Mac Mini in a virtual domain, and I’m just experimenting to learn how to do it on the new one.

If you have managed to run a RB or XOJO WEB App in a virtual domain on recent Mac Mini, I’d love to jump start the process if you don’t mind sharing your method.
Does each Web App have it’s own folder in CGI_Executables? Do you set of a “regular” virtual domain for them using the Server App UI? If so, what goes in it? I’ve tried just entering the domain name, and setting the default file to filename.cgi instead of the usual Index.html, or Index.php filename choices. But that doesn’t seem to fly. I’d appreciate your insight.

I am not using virtual domains, but configuring and running CGI web applications on OS X 10.8.5 with OS X Server 2.2.2 is relatively straightforward. The main obstacle is a lack of up-to-date documentation on the subject.

I create a separate folder for each web app in Library/Server/Web/Data/CGI-Executables/[foldername]. Use Terminal to set the permissions to 755 for the executable and .cgi files so Apache is able to run them, and for config.cfg to be writable. In OS X Server then turn off Web services and back on again (although it seems to work without doing this). You should then be able to access your web application at myDomain.com/cgi-bin/[foldername]/myWebApp.cgi.

Some simple WebApp may run with cgi-mode, But when I tried my large WebApp in MAMP’s (apache) “cgi-bin”, I get error messages.
But if I build it in a stand-alone execute application, it’s work.
So, I really have no idea what’s the matter…

Now, I leave a Terminal window with stand-alone app in systwm’s start…