Web APP can't be visited on phone

I’m new to Xojo and I created a Web project few days ago.My issue is that I can’t visit it on my phone when I debug on my computer.(Web shows normally on my computer) It showed me “404 cant located doucunment”.(“computer’IP + :8080” to visit Web)
So I built a Windows exe file to test but a console app showed.I made a simple Web APP before and it worked.I used v2016 at that time but v2015 now.What should I do?

Could it be some firewall setting ?

Make sure you are typing the http:// part. Some browsers will instead do a search if you don’t include the protocol.

I close all firewall completety and it dosen’t work.And I run it on different computers and visit the Web on diferent phone.I guess I ignore something in this project


both iphone and android

shooting in the dark:

  • Could you be trying to hairpin on your external address? many firewalls and routers do not support or block hairpinning. (calling the external address of the router from inside the network)
  • if internal only, is the phone using wifi? It could happen that the phone is not connected to the wifi network, and as such cannot call an internal address.

Are you sure the phones are on the same network as the host ?

Yes I’m sure.I found the Web didn’t support tmy phone’s browser so I use IE on my computer.A simple Web inlcudes button only can be visited but my project can’t.So I restarted my project.I trying to fine the problem.Thank you!