Web app and static pages

Instead of having a Xojo web app at the base address and the static pages in the special folder:

http://www.mywebapp.com http://www.mywebapp.com/special/staticpage1.html http://www.mywebapp.com/special/staticpage2.html
… I would like to have a subfolder address for the web app and the static pages on the base address:

http://www.mywebapp.com/mywebapplogin/ // entering this address would start the web app http://www.mywebapp.com/index.html http://www.mywebapp.com/staticpage1.html http://www.mywebapp.com/staticpage2.html

Any ideas how to tackle that url rewriting?
Would this interfere with Xojo internals (like folders a Xojo web app is required to find in a special location)?
Would it be possible to store files from a web app in a parent folder several steps upwards of the folder the web app is located?

It will be easier if you have another web server (Apache or IIS) serve the HTML pages and just put the app into the sub folder.

You can do this with nginx as Proxy in front of xojo. We do virtual Hosting this way, and it works…