Web App and SSL cert caching

Hello, I wondered if anyone knows if the SSL certificate that a Xojo standalone web app uses is read once and cached when the app starts up. Or read each time and sent when a secure connection is requested. I assume the former for efficiency purposes but do want to confirm so I know how to act then renewing certs automatically (with Let’s Encrypt). And if they are cached, is there, or can we request, a simple reload without having to stop and start the web app?

Since we use our own SSLSocket component and the CertificateFile property takes a Folderitem, it actually reads it from disk every time a socket is created.

Thanks Greg, Not what I expected, but at least I don’t have to now do anything when a certificate is renewed. However, curious - have you tested for performance and would you expect it to be better if the cert were cached in memory for some use cases where the server is hit hard?

Another note, since I am developing a web app, I did not even think of using SSLSocket class and its property for CertificateFile. For the web app, I just followed the instructions in one of your blogs for creating the cert file and placing it at the level of the executable. That’s why I asked the question I asked. I wasn’t sure what was going on behind the scenes with that file.