Web App and keypresses

Novice programmer here writing my first web app. I can’t figure out how to read a keypress. There’s no event in any of the controls I’ve got on my page that show this, at least not that I can figure out. The textfield has a “textchanged” event but that’s not what I want.

How do I get a keypress event? Asking for a friend who also happens to be me.

There is no keypress event in Web 2.0 (yet).

I hope they can add some browser side functions in the future and/or add the option for people creating web applications for local networks where the time that it takes to reach the server is not a problem.

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What do you plan to do with the keystroke? This is an extremely expensive process for web so if there are alternate solutions you should use those instead.

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Making an anacrostic puzzle player where user types guesses. I presently am using a faux keyboard made up of 26 labels which works but seems cumbersome. I didn’t realize keystrokes were an issue with web apps.

While I’m at it, I also am finding the listbox does not do much that I can use. For one thing, I cannot adjust the column widths no matter what I put in the .columnwidths property. Nor can I adjust row heights. Is this just another shortcoming?

There is no official way to do that. We have a couple of threads with workarounds here in the forum.

With Xojo Web, each stroke has to be sent to the server to be processed and a response has to travel all the way back to the browser. Many users weren’t aware of the how long the process actually takes and discovered the latency in production.

Yes. The Web 2.0 Listbox in the current state is pretty bad and why I am not able to transition my larger projects.

I wish I had some good advice for you here, but honestly it sounds like what you want to build isn’t really suited for Xojo Web :confused: I could see it working out as a desktop app, but the way Xojo Web currently works limits its usefulness to just a couple types of apps.

I’ll check them out.

I do have a desktop app up and running. I just wanted to be the next Wordle, that’s all. I figured the NYT would pay me 7 figures and I could finally start living the life I deserve to live.

Everyone’s against me.


That’s a great goal! I would love to see it, but I don’t think it can be accomplished with Xojo Web. Wordle is 100% browser side JavaScript.

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Hm. Another obstacle: I don’t know JavaScript. And I’m gettin’ old.

I wrote a puzzle editor back in the 90’s for my English classes. Good way to engage students with great quotes. Then I got a gig producing them weekly for the local newspaper. My puzzle editor makes it fairly quick process. But I never got around to producing a desktop app that would allow students/etc. to solve the puzzles sans paper. So that’s now done. It’s kind of addictive, to be honest. In testing, I have been solving my own puzzles from 20 years ago (I’ve forgotten everything on them).

I was kidding about being the next Wordle but I do think online anacrostic puzzle solving (they’re basically a cross between crosswords and Wheel of Fortune) has some potential to interest people.

And so far I think I might just be able to accomplish it on Xojo, the only software I know. But you’re probably right. I guess I’ll keep working on it as a hobby. I’m retired.

btw, don’t you think Wordle could be written in Xojo? It’s pretty coding.

Can it be written in Xojo?

Would it impress NYT into paying seven figures?
Personally, I don’t believe so.

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That too was a joke. I’d take 7 Attaboys.