Web Animation Options??

I have a web slideshow built on the example in XOJO. Each photo slides into place from the left as it is supposed to, using Timer and Web Animation control.

In some situations, I want the photos to slide into place from the right instead. In others, I would prefer that the current photo dissolve and the new photo resolve in the same position on the webpage.

I’m apparently not smart enough to figure out how to accomplish this, and I don’t find any example code for these animation variations.

I have a full boatload XOJO license good through 2015, but this project is in RB2013r2.1 on MacMini OSX 10.8.4 with 16GB and 2.3 GHz i7 processor.

Suggestions, directions, or solutions appreciated.

You could mix in another WebAnimator. Use one for the slide, the other for the dissolve. Preposition the WebImageView with it’s visible set false, then make it visible and invoke the appropriate animator. Does that help?

Brad - Thanks. I got it to dissolve the current picture and resolve the next picture in place, thanks to your direction. But I managed to get it all done with the existing animator.

Still haven’t figured out how to have photos slide in from the right edge of the page instead of the left edge, however. I like the slide effect, but it looks silly traveling across other copy to the left of where it belongs. The dissolve will solve the problem until I get the right to left slide figured out.