Web Accordion Menu in Htmlviewer

hi all we are test some accordion menu with css and html in a htmlviewer how we can trap when the sub item is clicked for call some xojo containero or webdialog

Not easily. If you’re set on building your own, your best bet would be to create a WebSDK control out of this. Look for documentation and examples in the Xojo install directory under Extras/WebSDK.

To do what you want, you’d need to implement postMessage in JavaScript then find some useable way of routing that back to your Xojo application. Not a simple task.

Alternatively, I do provide GraffitiAccordionMenu as part of GraffitiSuite.

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Correction. You’d only need the postMessage API for communication if the resulting WebHTMLViewer is an iframe on the page. Either way, you’d need to build a mechanism for sending data back to the Xojo application.

Tks very much Anthony for your help, we will try your sugest

I use Graffiti’s accordian and it is awesome and fast to impliment

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xojo web 2.0 controls are so limited in many ways, that learning to make a websdkcontrol is almost mandatory if you want to develop web 2 apps.
once you’ve made one or two (and @Anthony_G_Cyphers is great helper for that !), you can make plenty by yourself.
the examples in xojo folder are “frugal” to say the least…

tks Jean awesome control

your’s is nice too. you “only” have to get the data back to xojo, and it is still some work…