Web 2D side scrolling.

I was thinking about implementing a server monitor viewport in XOJO. There’s lots of things I’d like to monitor. It could be anything: memory utilization, Free disk space…anything. I imagine I’ll have a process on the server that will accumulate several “periods” worth of data. Let’s say… 24 hours at some interval…say every minute. I’d like to produce a monitor app that displayed in a graph that history and then update it live. I see an example in XOJO of how to draw a graph. Id like that graph to “appear” like a scrolling graph with new data showing up on the right…and old data falling off on the left. I suppose I could just re-render the graph each minute with a timer etc…but I wondered if there was a “better way”. I guess I might be able to pick up “new values” and then animate a transition from the old values to the new values to make it appear like smoother scrolling operation. I thought I’d solicit some ideas here. Perhaps several of you have already done this and can tell me what pitfalls to avoid.