Web 2 RadioGroup issue

Error from radio group after adding options.

Location: Common/SpawnCompiler/SpawnCompilerInterface.cpp:809
Condition: *ptr != ‘\n’ && *ptr != ‘\r’
Message: Renderer is trying to add multiple lines at once

Found out that this does not happen if there is a line feed after the item line.

Can you share some sample code?

Yes, where upload it?

Use Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive and share the link here.

What Xojo version are you using?

I opened your project and I see this:

I don’t understand why it says #labels.test1 but the IDE shows test1

When I run I get:

if I press continue I get the same dialog 2 more times, then this:

If I create a new project with Xojo2023r1 I see this:

and runs without errors.

The first is what I get. I run 2023r1.
If you create a new project, it at first looks to work all fine. Then when you replace the option text with a link to a localized constant (#test) you get this error. Then when you put a space behind the link (#test) it is gone.

I think there is an Open Issue case for using a localized constant in some controls.

You can open a new Issue for Xojo to check if this is different.

Thanks, Alberto,
I agree that it looks to fit into that category.
For now, I have a workaround. (space after the option). Posted an issue with a link to this conversation.

I added your code and my screenshots to the Issue report.
#72428 - Web 2 RadioGroup issue