Web 2 progress


did you guys notice in Feedback that a lot of feature requests got marked as implemented?

Seems like there is a quite a bit of WebAPI 2.x progress and I am looking forward to Xojo.Connect conference to learn the details!

i hope g.DrawObject for Web Api 2.0 comming soon.

I hope Feedback will be improved. Under Windows 10 it crashes at launch, and requests to restart to report the bug…

Yes that one doesn’t want to report what happned after relaunching … so there is nothing to report.

Indeed. Welcome to absurdia :smiley:

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The request dates on those are interesting :wink:

As we mentioned last year, Feedback is our primary dog-fooding project for the new web framework and as such will become a web app as soon as we are far enough along and we have some time to finish it up.

I don’t know what you want to do, but Graphics (NOT Webgraphics) are available in Web apps as well, so you can use graphics.DrawObjet in a picture, and then convert to WebPicture.

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Just going through and marking a bunch of things done to get a better idea of where we are :stuck_out_tongue:

i want draw something in the canvas paint event with the shape objects and saw that DrawObject was missing there.
but good to know that there is a workaround via picture object yet.

Should do the same with Feedback for iOS and Android. The XDC app is not complex enough to expose the pain points.

Don‘t get me wrong, but considering that the web 2.0 framework is more like a successor of the current and not only a bugfix version, marking these feedback cases as „done“, could cause some irritation if develeoper decide (or need) to stick with the old web framework.

Aren’t you able to mark them as „done in web 2.0“ or so?

This is AWESOME. Xojo web 2.0 FTW

[quote=472849:@Lars Lehmann]Don‘t get me wrong, but considering that the web 2.0 framework is more like a successor of the current and not only a bugfix version, marking these feedback cases as „done“, could cause some irritation if develeoper decide (or need) to stick with the old web framework.

Aren’t you able to mark them as „done in web 2.0“ or so?[/quote]
WeÂ’ve been pretty clear over the last two years that all new features would only be appearing in the Web 2.0 framework.

So, does this say that WE is at status quo for two years already? This makes WE less valuable as time goes on. Guess it’s 2020 or never for WE.
That said, I know R&D is working very hard to get API 2.0 and WE 2.0 out. Don’t get discouraged.
But big steps at once are mostly a risky adventure with a chance some decisions already been overtaken by the time at release date.

The web framework 2.0 is going at least as big a deal as API 2.0 was in 2019. Let’s be realistic, it will not be smooth as silk in the first release. But I still am looking forward to it.

in another thread, we could see that many feedback requests for features or corrections are marked “implemented”. For sure, it means that Web 2.0 will bring much wanted improvements. Let’s cut Xojo just a bit of slack, they are working on it. It is long overdue for sure, but it is coming. Hopefully it is going to be as great as our expectations for it are!

I just did a quick lookup and we have still been fixing lots of bugs in the current web framework during the last two years and 2018r1 had a lot of new stuff too:
*55573 IDE > Icon Editor New web projects no longer include a 512x512 default web app icon.
*55799 Framework > Web The Grammarly browser plugin has been disabled on the Web Javascript Error dialog.
*45691 Framework > Web WebLabels which have a style applied to them which includes Underline, Strikethrough and/or Overline values will now appear in the browser.
*55604 Framework > Web WebGraphics.DrawString no longer causes a Javascript error if the string includes a RETURN character.
*56075 Crashes & Assertions > IDE Unhandled Exception IDE no longer crashes when you close a web project while using the inline editor.
*56283 Crashes & Assertions > IDE Unhandled Exception Setting the URL of a WebImageView to an unsupported URL no longer crashes the IDE.

*54317 IDE > Layout Editor Web Controls now render in HiDPI when they are being dragged on a HiDPI layout editor.
*28887 IDE > Web Page Editor ScrollbarsVisible is in the Inspector for web containers as expected.
*29596 IDE > Miscellaneous IDE shows DebugLog messages sent by web apps.
*31742 Framework > Web WebPopupMenu.ListCount is now a property instead of a method so that it appears in the debugger.
*33990 IDE > Code Editor A right click on a webpage named in a session object will permit you to jump to the page itself in the IDE. See much longer explanation in the last note on this case about this as there are some special considerations when used with Me or Self.
*54463 Framework > Web Web apps running on Windows with clients running on iOS will now disconnect properly if the connection goes away for 5 seconds.
*54501 IDE > Miscellaneous The main default web page in a web project can be an external item.
*54582 IDE > Inspector Duplicating a subclassed web control instance on a web page works as expected.
*54583 IDE > Layout Editor Editing a web container now properly updates any layouts containing the web container.
*55122 IDE > FileIO Importing a web page that is named the same as an existing one replaces as it should (this has always been the case and is by design).
*55214 IDE > Layout Editor WebContainers without styles draw their bottom/right edges again.

*53291 Framework > Web Browsers who have been disconnected from the server will now reload the web app so they don’t appear frozen.
*54316 IDE > Layout Editor WebPopupMenu now draws correctly in the layout editor when viewed on a HiDPI/Retina screen.

*52234 IDE > Profiler Profiling 64-bit Console/Web apps now works.
*52507 IDE > Library Custom web controls using the Web SDK scale their assigned icon for the large icon view in the Library.
*52669 Framework > Web The minimum available sockets are now configurable using the command-line option “–minsockets” for standalone web apps.

*13376 IDE > Web Page Editor Naming an image / picture the same as a property on a web page no longer causes compilation errors.
*34720 Framework > Web WebTextAreas whose text contains line ending characters set in the IDE now sends the correct line ending characters to Internet Explorer.
*52368 Framework > Web WebFileUploader properly resets again when a new instance is created.
*52375 Framework > Linux Web apps no longer hang at startup on Linux ARM builds.
*52419 Framework > Web WebStyle gradient stop points render in the correct order again.
*52492 Framework > Web WebFileUploader no longer fails on IE11.
*52514 Framework > Web Uploading large files using WebFileUploader will no longer fail with an OutOfBoundsException inside the web framework.

*46086 Framework > Web WebMoviePlayer now uses the built-in HTML5 video player on all browsers.
*46929 Framework > Web WebLabels and WebLinks whose MultiLine property is set to True will now refresh their appearance when visibility is set to True so text changes made while the control was invisible will appear correctly.
*49418 Framework > Web WebMoviePlayer no longer interferes with other controls when placed on a WebContainer.
*50127 Framework > Web Pulling a URL from a WebFile with no attached session no longer warns about there being no session context.
*50151 IDE > Rendering Web controls and layouts that use the new color or boolean constants render out properly.
*50214 Framework > Web Windows Standalone Web apps running with an SSL certificate no longer require the certificate to contain the prefix Debug.
*50273 Framework > Web WebFileUploader no longer fails when filenames contain ampersands or apostrophes.
*50359 Framework > Web WebFileUploader no longer fails when the total size of the files > 2GB.
*50601 IDE > Menu Editor Dragging tool items in a web toolbar no longer causes the IDE to crash on Windows.
*50776 Framework > Web WebMoviePlayer now honors right and bottom locks.
*50809 Framework > Web WebMapViewer no longer calls into the Google Maps API more than once per browser session.
*50810 Framework > Web WebMapViewer now stores the Latitude and Longitude provided when calling GoToLocation.
*50832 Framework > Web Hid the malformed progress bar which appeared on the web app launch screen when displayed on a Retina/HiDPI screen.
*51143 Framework > Web Web framework “raw” tags now support more than one set in the same string.
*51242 Framework > Web WebImageViews whose Picture property is defined by an Image object will now transfer the image that best matches the resolution of the current session when behaving as the source of a drag and drop operation.
*51268 Language Reference > Documentation Added missing WebListBox.DataSource property and pages for DataSource and DataCell to Dev Center.
*51432 IDE > Inspector New web controls properly show their initial style as “None” .
*51440 Crashes & Assertions > IDE Unhandled Exception Copy paste and delete of web style with background colors no longer causes stack overflow exception.
*51525 Framework > Web Web offline ping URLs have been changed to an absolute URL so they include the script name for CGI apps.
*14484 Framework > Web Added UploadProgress event to WebFileUploader.
*15374 Framework > Web WebFileUploader now supports drag and drop.
*15375 Framework > Web Added boolean MultiSelect property to WebFileUploader to allow users to select more than one file at a time.
*18541 Framework > Web WebMoviePlayer now has a separate Stop command. Instead of having to use the Play command to toggle the playing state.
*19753 Framework > Web Added CancelUpload method to WebFileUploader.
*22287 Framework > Web WebMoviePlayer now has Played, Stopped, VolumeChanged, PositionChanged and DurationChanged events.
*29983 Framework > Web WebMoviePlayer now has a separate Stop method instead of having to use the Play command to toggle the playing state.
*32040 Framework > Web Added Filter property to WebFileUploader to allow filtering on specific Mime Types.
*41401 Framework > Web Added a Filter property to the WebFileUploader for specifying accepted mime types.
*51101 Framework > Web WebFileUploader now has an UploadTimeout property.

@Greg O’Lone - I apologize for having asked this question here. You’re right that a lot has been done as you have pointed out here.