Web 2.0 with CGI?

Is the Web 2.0 generating cgi files, like the first release.

No, Web 2.0 can’t create CGI just stand-alone web applications.

From what I read, there are no plans to support CGI with Web 2.0.

While Web 2.00 indeed is standalone only, it is possible to create a launcher in Perl. So you will still have a cgi, which in the background will launch the standalone, and send the visitor to it.

You may want to use a Mutex to prevent multiple standalone versions of the app from running under Windows or Linux. On Mac, it is automatic.

Mutex LR


I don´t nee CGI, I like a good web application on a standard linux webserver (from hetzner.de).
The first web applications most of the time are working well. More time i get an error and i have to wait for a time. The same, after install a new release on the web server with SFTP.

Forgive me, but why do you ask if Web 2.00 does CGI, then ?

I have somethimes troubles. May be it is the CGI. I hope Web 2.0 is working without CGI.
I like to test it on the Webserver.
But without licens?
I have payed for one year Xojo Pro, three years ago and hoped for android.
For 2 Webapps I payed to much. This 2 Webapps works most time, without erros.

Xojo offers a compiled app in the documentation so you can test deployment to your server:
Deployment overview — Xojo documentation

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Preformatted textStart the app using this command: ./TestApp
You can now access your web app in your web browser using the domain name and port. If “TestApp” was compiled to use port 8080, you can access it using a URL like this:
Note that if you exit from ssh your web app will terminate unless you daemonize it. Use this code in the App.Open event to daemonize a standalone web app:
Call Daemonize

On the SSH-Terminal:
weinim@dedi4895:~/public_html/XojoTest$ ./XojoTest
Application is ready

On the browser i get a message in German: Sichere Verbindung wird hergestellt (connecting)
No wappage is starting.
But, I don`t understand: Call Daemonize (or how to start on a webserver without SSH, …