Web 2.0 WebSearchField: Event "Pressed" doesn't fire?

I have a websearchfield and in the event “Pressed” a Messagebox saying hello to me. When I press the Enter-Button in the websearchfield (or any other button), nothing happens.

In the language reference I read:

" WebSearchField.Pressed: The user pressed the Enter key, Return key, Search button or Cancel button."

An error in XOJO or what did I wrong?

I am not getting the Pressed event when hitting the return or enter key in Firefox with Xojo 2020r2.1 or 2021r2.1 though I do get it if I click the search icon. It seems the part about “Enter key, Return key” isn’t correct.

Whether it’s going to get fixed or closed as a documentation error is up to the Xojo staff if you file a feedback ticket.

Safari and Chrome works when pressing Enter, Firefox, as Tim reported, doesn’t work. At least using this mac.

I created a feedback case, thank you guys :slight_smile:

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