Web 2.0 Virtual Special Interest Group

There will be a Zoom meeting of the Xojo Web 2.0 Virtual Special interest Group by Zoom on June 15 (Wednesday) 3:30 PM Central Time.

Password: xojo

This is NOT anything official from Xojo. We are a group of user who take Web 2.0 very seriously and wish to advance the community.

We will have 2 short technical presentations on:

  • Alberto de Poo: Methods for keeping web pages aligned without having to “pixel push” in the IDE.

  • Jay Menna: Xojo desktop apps to create web 2.0 code.

We will be making this a monthly meeting. If you have anything you would like to present in the future reach out ot me directly by email jay@jaymenna.com


Let’s see if I can make the date time work to show your local time:


great, maybe if this is monthly, you could make an ical event ?
local time in europe shows 10:30 pm isn’t it a bit late ? i’m fine with it but people might not

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Great … late in Europe, but i will be there.

Hello @Jay_Menna , can you provide an .ics file so I drop it on my calendar ?

Many thanks !

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Let’s see if this works:

Let me know if it works or if I need to change something (first time sharing .ics file)

Well, not completely. I can add it to my Outlook 365 Calendar, thing it’s empty, the zoom link is not inside. The time is Ok, one hour later for me since my time zone is EDT.

I copied the link from the OP in the calendar event, clicked on it and got this - I know it’s not today:


I created the file with Mac Calendar.
Try this one for Outlook:

About the “authorized attendees”, I guess Jay activated the option to only allow people with Zoom account and logged in.

This time it worked: I had the link inside the event !

It still asks to log in, but since I am offered to login with a Google account, all is fine. I have a zoom meeting every week then I should not have problems.

There was a small issue that I fixed easily: the time was converted to 5:30PM instead of 3:30 PM. It’s an issue I have had in the past and we are still wondering what is the cause. My weekly zoom meeting is for 4 people, two form Canada, one from New Zeeland and one from Swiss. Anyway I changed the time within the event and all is well !

Looking forward to the meeting !

Bumping this tread as the vSig will be in a few hours from now.


In 20 minutes

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Just tried to join, it still asks for an account ?!?

It asks me for an account in Zoom too, can’t get in.

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If you have a Google ID you can sign in with your Google ID.
(some other services are also supported, but I don’t recall which they are)

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Worked, thanks!

Nice ideas about creating forms and code in code :slight_smile:

You can find the ‘Accordion’ code here: GitHub - undtec/Accordion: Adjust Web Controls according to their Top and Visible properties spacing them evenly

If you have questions or improvements, please let me know.


Was a lot of fun! Thanks for hosting, @Jay_Menna and @AlbertoD


Here is recording of the “meeting”


Looking forward for the next one, thanks!