Web 2.0 video today?

Just wondering when the Web 2.0 video is going live? It strikes me as the most anticipated.

Hence why it’s not been posted yet I suspect…

it was briefly posted the other day but I suspect it wasnt the right one as it was only 8 minutes or so

Get a time machine, fly to China, stop the virus, fly to Nashville, return to yesterday, you will now have seen the presentation. How was it?

Good news here, with introduction to Workers… time travel is now possible :slight_smile:

Just in case posting to the internet actually does affect reality (all current evidence to the contrary) I would be willing to perform unnatural acts (from a safe distance) to get my hands on a copy of the IDE that includes the Web2.0 stuff :slight_smile:

lets see if I canget the time travel tenses right :slight_smile:

you got it next thursday

I am the ghost of Christmas Future Perfect Subjunctive! I will show you what would have happened were you not to get a copy of Xojo with Web2.0 by next Thursday!

talk to geoff :slight_smile: