Web 2.0 Lost Focus not working


I have a WebTextField that a user enters a dollar amount in. When focus is lost it is supposed to call the Update Total function. It does not work.

How am I supposed to get this to work, it’s kind of critical?

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There was another thread about this recently.

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Use Web 1.0 until Web 2.0 dont look like an alpha release…

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It is not firing using the Tab Key either.

This really sucks!

Vote for Bug ** 61985**

I just wanted to let everyone in this thread know that I’ve added GotFocus and LostFocus tracking to TP_WebKit by request of @Hector_Marroquin

@David_Cox you’re on the other thread not this one, but I wanted to notify you as well.

Demo is live at https://webkit.xojo.dev


Good deal!

Good job with TP_Webkit!

Highly recomended