Web 2.0 APIs

I was reading a forum post recently where a programmer said the first thing he does with a new release is go through and read the APIs. I am rewriting a huge program to Web 2.0. I’d like to fully understand as much as I can about Web 2.0 so this sounded like a great place to start. Only problem is that I don’t know what that means. What are the APIs? Where can I find the APIs for Web 2.0?

API - Applications Programmer Interface. It’s the methods you have avialable. For the String type, f’rinstance, you can do:

astring.Trim ()

to remove whitespace at the beginning and end of the string. So, trim() is an API method.

The most frequent action after a new release would be to read the Release Notes included in the documentation folder inside the Xojo folder, I guess.

If you want to get further information on new or updated classes, that’s all in your online language reference or in the online docs.
Where you see that the definition given there means rather 3rd party APIs – like calls into the operating system or into a 3rd party library.

In extended meaning, and because Xojo christened its redesigned language API 2.0, this can mean a collection of classes and methods designed for a special task. In the case of API 2.0, the task of programming in Xojo.

tl;dr: He meant he reads the docs.