Web 2.0 Any KeyPressed workaround?

Hi all,

I’m trying to port one of my projects to Web2.0 - one of the things I had was in the site login area, it would look for someone pressing enter and either move to the next field (ie: if on the user name) or actually doing the login function (if on the password) - but with keypressed not available (implemented already from the looks of the error?) I’m not sure how I could implement this functionality on Web2.

Pressing Enter to move to the next field is not something that’s common on web. Tab to move to the next field is built in. Enter to submit the form is built in, add a Default button.

As a workaround for missing KeyPressed and Mouse events, I have a solution available: https://strawberrysw.com/tp-webkit/

However, your users will notice the delay as the key press goes to the server, gets handled, and the instruction to move focus comes back.

While it’s not common, this is an inhouse app, and I was working around some of my co-workers… unusual… ways of doing things to help prevent them from triggering a lock account event :).

I’ll have to look at that solution you have tho as the main menu of this web app I’m converting was using a set of text fields to act as control buttons (for certain looks I was having trouble making buttons appear as), although I want to try to move them to buttons if possible.