Web 1.0, invoking control action in a WebDialog from a method in a WebPage


sorry for the long thread name, the explanations should clear the sky.

I have a WebPage say myWebPage and a WebDialog say myWebDialog.

Using a button in myWebPage I have myWebDialog appear on screen:

  • if myWebDialog is not already created I
Var wp as WebPage = New myWebPage
' Set a property in session to wp
  • if myWebDialog is already existing I simply Show it

When I click on Close in myWebDialog, I hide it.

Thing is there is a WebFileUploader in myWebDialog and I don’t want to lose it when I close myWebDialog.

From a buton in myWebPage, I would like to invoke the Upload method of the WebFileUploader in myWebDialog that is hidden but still exists. How can I do that ? Complementary questions:

  1. Is there some way I could know that the Upload is finished before proceeding with the rest of the method in myWebPage ?

  2. If I succeed with point 1, will the events get triggered in myWebDialog and their defined Action be executed ?

Many thanks, I know that’s kind of convoluted.

Ok, got no answer.

For now I close the thread. I will create another thread when it’s all sorted out.