WE Standalone and URLs

I’m developing a standalone web app with WE, but having trouble capturing limited URLs beyond the basic “http://mydomain.com”. For example, how would WE server handle “http://mydomain.com/apple-touch-icon.png”? Is it possible to capture the “apple-touch-icon.png” portion and respond appropriately? I’d like to set aside the issue of whether a correct response from WE server is even possible in this scenario after the URL is captured and processed. I’m concerned with the more basic issue of capturing and processing the initial URL components.

I apologize in advance if I’ve referred to some items with the wrong terminology. I’m a corporate attorney and real estate developer by trade and use Xojo to develop software to handle in-house needs. Although I’ve been a user since Andrew Barry’s CrossBasic days and likely purchased one of Real Software’s first licenses, I am by no means a ‘pro’ at Xojo. Any guidance is appreciated.

WE doesn’t expose project resources using URL’s like that. You could make the special URL handler do it. However that’s probably not the best use case scenario. Better to have a web server serve the static resources if you need them outside your Xojo app.

Hmm… I was afraid of that. I’ll re-think my approach based on your input. Many thanks,