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I have a web app that generates a recommended portfolio scenario… but when that page appears, it always scrolls to the bottom of the page, and the top does not show. Is there a way to get the app to show the top of the page when it is loaded? I tried making the first text box ‘active’ but that did not change the display.

Check the tab order and make sure that it’s right.

Didn’t change things… I put the first text box as the first tab stop, and it still opens at the bottom of the page.

Is you app available on the web somewhere that I could look at it?

Yes… http://portman.no-ip.biz/cgi-bin/managedfunds.cgi

There is a dummy login, use the phone number 8145551212

PW 123456

Is there also a way to make the pages nicer looking with a background? The style settings allow you to change the color but can you put an image in the background?

The page I am referring too is near the end, it gives you a summary of the portfolio selected…