We need the old documentation

Due to the fact we have a huge project with many windows inherited from an “old” “deprecated” window class, we’ll never jump to the new DesktopXXXX classes.
(impossible for us to add a simple DesktopWindow because it must inherit from our windowclass used many times, so if we want to do that we have to change ALL our project in one time…).
Can we have access to the “deprecated” documentation. Now, the documentation (online or local) displays only the new classes. There is no more way to see old documentation.
Where can I get the old doc ?

Deprecated stuff is shown in the new docs here:


The old docs remain online here:


Thanks Paul.
I hope the “deprecated” items will stay for ever (I am not against new classes, but that’s a too long and hard work to switch to new ones).

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To change ONE Window to DesktopWindow ?

I updated ten massive projects to API 2.0 in a week. I got from 8k to 16k errors each. I fixed the errors by renaming stuff with the find/replace method and sometimes using regex. I don’t think updating from API 1.0 to 2.0 is an issue. This is my experience.

I spent many time replacing Instr() which is 1 based by IndexOf() which is 0 based. This need to review our code. I made one mistake in one function of one project of my 12 projects. I saw it some time ago because I noticed something strange in the application.
It’s a work which needs to be very carefully.

Simply switching Date to DateTime was a nightmare in a software where dates are everywhere.
I don’t imagine switching our parent window class to desktopwindow … :exploding_head:

I have no plans to move to API2 until they break down my door and set fire to the curtains.
(I need to maintain compatibility with pre-Direct2d windows versions )

But if I were doing this:

Instr() which is 1 based by IndexOf() which is 0 based.

I would probably make a global method called Instr_Old() which translates the indices back, using IndexOf under the hood, and then just search and replace Instr to Instr_Old


Yup. I’m still working on that, too.

For sure, most of the changes are busywork. However, I always find some head scratcher code which can be improved or eliminated.

If Xojo ever does new listboxes for macOS they will be Desktop API 2. And I want to be ready for this. However, I want to be quite sure that the conversion of my code is working fine before taking the plunge.