Way to prevent building a project

Is there a way, to prevent building a project with a special version of Xojo?
Apple rejected an update of my project (build with Xojo 2014 R2), because
I forgot that there is a bug in Xojo 2014 R2 (RegEx).

So I would like to prevent/stop the building process of projects when a
special version of Xojo is used to build them (to support my aging brain).



Thanks Markus,

I will check it later, when I come back to my desk.

You can use a pragma with that function:

#if XojoVersionString = "2014r2" then #pragma Error "Dont build with this IDE!" #EndIf

The reason I suggest using the string is that XojoVersion is a Double, and Doubles don’t really represent 2’s very well (the value would actually be 2014.0199999…), so doing math comparisons may not get you what you want.

Works perfect!