Way to Force closing of MobileHTMLViewer?

I have an issue where connections to our webapp are remaining open after connection to it from an IOS app using MobileHTMLViewer. I am closing the MobileScreen containing the MobileHTMLViewer. Is there another recommended practice for getting the MobileHTMLViewer connection to actually close?

you issue is probably at the WebApp side is this web 2.0 recent version?

So the iOS app uses the MobileHTMLViewer and then closes that screen?
Just putting app in the background doesn’t quit it.

Maybe calling close method on the control may close it.

Actual it’s a Web 1 webapp. This is not a new issue. Just one I had not gotten to resolving.

MobileHTMLViewer to my knowledge has no close method.

Do you think using RemoveControl on the MobileScreen to remove MobileHTMLViewer would possibly cause the connection to close?