Warning: Package and FolderItemGroup

I opened a Package file (.EyeTV), add the FileTypeGroup Editor,
Select all items in the Package window,
Drop all 6 items in the FileTypeGroup Editor.

Run shows tons of errors.
(Names are set to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… for example)

Create a new (temporary) Folder in the Finder,
Copy these 6 files there,
Do the same as above but with these files,
Run: works fine.

Look at the FileTypeGroup Editor to know what have changed, and see no warning around the Icon, and more populated fields… (UTI, Type, …).

I trashed the temporary folder when done and working.

Ventura 13.1.

What is the package file? Just a bundle? Or is it a zip file as well?


In the search of that “file” definition, the found page talked about “Package“.

I was refering to the “TV video” file generated with EyeTV software: two TIFF, Two XML (inside), one mpg (may vary) and a binary items.

Try just dropping the TV Video “file” on the file type editor.


I already done that.

Here’s the current state of the project. The file name of the TV Video is in the (left) ListBox Header…

Done yesterday morning while waiting the time to back home.