Warning: No Session object in context

Getting the url property of a webfile when no sessions are active, like for example in the app open event, produces the following warning message:

Warning: No Session object in context
I’m supposing that this warning is harmless.
I’m right or there is some possibly hidden problem?

The warning is visible in the IDE program output pane.

If you want to retrieve a web file outside of a Session, you must set its Session property to Nil.

It’s already Nil, i.e. the webfile is created in the app open event and the webfile session property is set to Nil explicitly by code.
The message is generated when the app gets the url property to copy it’s value in another variable.

If it doesn’t affect your app, you can ignore it.

Ok, thank you Greg.

I have been actually getting a nil object exception from somewhere below my code when trying to get the URL of a webFile when there is no session. Works fine when a page is loading, but when a new image comes down a stream that I need to display, even after getting the sessionForControl for the control I’m sending the URL to I can’t access the URL of the new webFile I created with it without an exception. Yes, the session parameter is set to nil. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that I”m creating a new webFile outside of a session?

I’d really like to see a sample of this. You are the second person describing this problem, but I can’t reproduce it.

The warning seems related to versions newer than 2016r1.1.
Only recently, for many reasons, I have started using 2017r2.1 on some of my webprojects and this caused the warning to show up.

A feedback case must be created so some testing can be done?

That would be best.