WARNING: Malware/Scam on forum

I already warned over a year ago that Axel Schneider’s domain axel-schneider has been taken over by scam artists after he did not renew and let it laps. However there are still links to that domain on the forum.

see for example links in https://forum.xojo.com/2222-pop-up-button-size-and-style/p1#p79470

Maybe an admin can remove the links to the domain?

I removed the links on that thread, I’ll take a look through his other posts. Thanks for pointing it out.

I’ve asked this in june 2016 and the answer was:

[quote]Travis will take care of this in the next few days[/quote].

If you discover a corrupt file or link, you will find all my old Xojo stuff in this DropBox Folder