Warning for keyword deprecations

I expected the IDE should warm me also for keyword-deprecations by API 2.0
Like Dim ==> Var

I am familiar “Analyse Warning” Type filter - Issue type
but don’t see an option to get this type of warnings.

I expect this functionality is not yet implemented.

I didn’t think Dim was deprecated, the docs don’t show it as such with the usual message at the top.

Were there any other keywords deprecated in this release?

And a search for "Dim " returns the whole she-bang…

As @JulianS says, Dim hasn’t been deprecated, and probably never will be. Most deprecations are for classes, events, properties and methods. I can’t think of Xojo language keywords that have been deprecated lately, apart from, maybe, Rem.

There is a list of deprecations here. It’s a couple of releases behind but it covers most of them.

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Ok, understood. Thanks @JulianS , @Emile_Schwarz and @Gavin_Smith